Yoga Nidra, Delta Waves and How to alleviate Insomnia using Mindfulness relief practices/techniques

What is Meditation? How do you meditate? We are going to explore multiple versions of mindfulness with a Tibetan infusion. We will discuss how to practice Yoga Nidra, discussing the importance of Ohm resets and Circadian Rhythm. Mindfulness is not a new thing it's just called something new.

We will start with a step-by-step formulation for learning how to properly meditate and follow with anxiety practices using Delta waves for insomnia specifically.

Go onto YouTube and search for: "Yoga Nidra" practices. Or copy this link:

Yoga Nidra is a meditative meditation technique used to bring awareness to the self via recognition of the cells. Each step will act as a mental pose similar to common yoga. Yoga Nidra is purely mental and allows the inner self to relax and become cognitive of the present rather than stirring and getting lost in thought patterns that are keeping us awake. Perhaps you have a big day planned and you cannot go to sleep? We have all felt that excitement from the future's events unfolding in our minds before they actually happen. We are assimilating and projecting what we expect from this occurrence at the same time building planes of existence beyond our material/physical world. This is extremely difficult to do and creates upsets later. For every yin, there must yang. Every positive thing contains a taste or particle of something bad. Life is as life does...

Yoga Nidra is a mental exploration that will coast along, connecting with all parts of the body unto the mind, bringing awareness to the cells and direction to thoughts. Ceasing all wandering entities to become tamed within the mind. Each step to Yoga Nidra will bring relaxation and (in time) initiate sleep if performed properly. The Placebo of self-talk being most dependent on our moods. Yoga Nidra practice shows how to self-talk with instant results. Quantum physics coming into play as we generate our harmony and develop within the mind. Our bodies consisting of 85% water, and water containing microcrystalline life that is programmable to a defect or positive outcomes on a daily basis. Ph is essential to know to program this water with the greatest outcomes. We are all energy, burning our blood to fuel our souls and brains which are all water, carbon-based.

All water can be controlled and this is proven under the highest-powered microscopes during the water test (See water experiments above pic). Yoga Nidra is the most essential way to meditate and retrain (bless with self-talk) this essential "life water" contained within our cell walls and organs. Remember, if one's circadian rhythm is off, so is the person.

What is Circadian Rhythm? Well, a circadian rhythm, or circadian cycle, is a natural, internal process that regulates the sleep–wake cycle and repeats roughly every 24 hours. It can refer to any process that originates within an organism and responds to the environment. Circadian rhythm is the most essential thing to remember that happens to our bodies when we sleep. Our bodies are connected to the earth which is connected to the negative and positive poles. Each pole has a detailed purpose affecting our cells when we wake and when we sleep. The different hours during the night allows our body to regenerate. A naturopath showed me how my circadian rhythm was upset based on how I was working at night and not allowing my body to rest and regenerate fully. Thus, resulting in increased cortisol production (stress hormone) as well as decreased activity in my body. Inability to sleep can have serious consequences later in life especially once one has adjusted one's sleep schedule to sleep during the day. Our internal organs will regenerate at certain hours.

As you can see there is a lot happening during our most silent hours. Remember, the mind is never ever fully asleep either. We are always in a constant state of motion and in order to be able to function on a long-term scale, our bodies must be able to regenerate properly and effectively. If we miss two hours of sleep one day it's not really a big deal if we are on a schedule that doesn't fluctuate much, resting from 10 PM until 6 am is enough as long as it's consistent. More time spent off schedule the more time you may have to spend recovering that schedule. We operate on empty and full just like a phone battery does. Always needing to be charged, when we are pulled off the charger early without fully charging well, that's all the energy we will have until we return to the charger/bed... Over time, this can seriously affect internal organs to which diseases and ailments are more easily acquired. Think of a car that is broken, needing an oil change, well, it's fine until the oil seizes the engine, Each small issue that we may have with health may always become underlining to something greater if health and wellness is not a constant thought and priority. This means when we sleep, how we sleep, what we eat, what we call entertainment, and the people we associate with. All of these things have a great impact on our overall health and wellness. We all have the ability to "Choose" to stay in our upsetting environments or we may "choose" to make a change today so later we may benefit. This brings me back to Meditation and how important "Choosing" to find balance within self a great goal to have for everyday living and true spiritual and personal growth. Denying our spirituality and worshipping money over the family/family values will result in disease and loss of love in the future as well. Everything we do must have positive motives, contain proper regiments, and be served willingly with a humbled but respectable heart in order to find a true place and value within our physical and spiritual lives. A set schedule is a great way to militarize one's mind to properly condition the self to be able to do what one requests at will without hesitation. Bruce Lee could depict 10 seconds into the future and destroy multiple opponents based on his ability to train his lower limbic. Fight or flight comes from the lower limbic, once we train our mind we train our soul. We react always without thinking the majority of the time. Thus, we have already predicted our character based on past experiences. These predictions can be positive or negative. Hypofrontality comes from emotions that are stimulated in the frontal cortex of the mind not the lower limbic... Control your lower limbic and you shall control your emotions, control your lower limbic and become your worst enemies nightmare. Control your emotions and your desires become one rather than that one becoming a slave to his or her emotions and attributions of desire.

Yoga Nidra is the best way to train your mind to control this lower limbic region of thought using self-talk during guided meditation. Using Yoga Nidra practices allows the mind to shut off and the body to start initiating regeneration. Starting with focusing on each individual body part and visually recognizing each appendage while telling ourselves: "it is relaxed". Self-talking our way throughout each body part until complete focus is attained. First, you must pre-set your yoga Nidra mind by attempting to meditate. The Youtube link you have should prepare your mind prior to going directly into Yoga Nidra practices.

How do I meditate: First, acknowledge the position of my body, Get comfortable. This does not have to be a lotus position. Lotus is not the most comfortable for beginners. So, just sit back and lay down on your back. This is the best way to do Yoga Nidra. Make sure you are not going to get cold, make sure you are not going to get too warm either. This should be done in loose-fitting clothing as to not cause any friction/constraint on the skin. Running water or noise machines are really great for meditation to put yourself in a relaxing setting audibly.

Laying on a bed, couch, or flat surface, the setting should be comfortable, darkened, or semi-light environment. Focus first on the sounds around you. Every sound should become a part of your acceptance. Acknowledge each sound as you hear it but don't think about it. Listen to your environment and accept this as true but do not think of these as reoccurring thoughts. Listening to all and seeing all but not visually, picture the walls, room, and ceiling and with eyes closed always listen closely to the nearest sounds. Then, listen closely to the farthest sounds. Each sound bringing more awareness to the present moment. You see yourself lying there from above your body and know you are relaxed now more than you were when you started. This process slowly unfolding as you are aware of each sound within your calm and peaceful setting. Thoughts of Expanding your visual consciousness farther with each breath. Picture now 15-30 feet around you, picture 300 feet, etc., etc. Space is not a limitation to your travels. Many have stepped out of physical existence and traveled within spiritual meditation...

Step two unto peaceful mediation, in preparation for Yoga Nidra practices. After we have realized and accepted the noises and visual acuity we are able to now slowly focus on our lack of thought. Follow a Z through your mind. Picture only the Z. Outline the Z slowly within your mind starting at the top and following down and re-doing that again and again. Now, we will focus on our inner third eye. Focusing your actual vision center towards the middle center of your eyes. Above the bridge of your nose, below the forehead, directly between your two eyes. centering/ looking at your third eye within with both eyes as one, and focusing on this spot only, thinking nothing but Z, looking from within outwards, the mid spot between the eyes is where your eyes' energy should be focused. As we accept our surroundings this open mind shall not have any thoughts but thoughts of nothing, perhaps a Z but then nothing. Think of the letter Z that you are tracing again and again in your mind. Erase it completely and see only blackness.

The goal is to lessen the threads of thought from multiple sources and train all these thoughts to become one. The lack of stimulation is how this process is initiated. If too many sounds are being heard or thoughts come and disrupt, cell phones beeping or anything else distracting us will pull from the effectiveness of our meditation. Each time we lose our focus and awareness we must start the process over.

I like Yoga Nidra because it's a guided meditation. The focus from the recording on youtube is not best but the monk's speech will allow one to follow his voice as a guide during Yoga Nidra meditation practices. Knowing how to meditate properly takes a lifetime to master. Knowing how to properly meditate takes a lot of time and practice. Learn the wrong way and meditation may not become effective for the student. Patience is most essential when practicing meditation. We call it practice because even a lifetime of meditation may not bring enlightenment. Practice makes perfect and there are very few who have mastered this art. The Shao Lin Monks are able to perform incredible feats of strength using these meditation practices to subconsciously connect with the divine energy that constantly surrounds us.

Don't forget to breathe...

Breathing is the most essential technique to learn for proper meditation. Start with deep breathing and count your breaths at first. Slowly breathe deep starting in your diaphragm and fill your lungs up all the way to the top. Slowly releasing out your nostrils, breathing in through your mouth, and out through your nostrils. Thinking to yourself throughout "good thoughts in, bad thoughts out" as you exhale. "Good thoughts in" as we inhale and "bad thoughts out" as we exhale. Picturing the microcrystalline stress molecules of cortisol come tumbling out with each breath. The Microcrystalline Alkaloid structuring the likeness of God is what shall be pictured in our minds as we inhale, restoring our soul's eternal essence with each breath inward. Resetting internally our Chakra's with replenishing "good air" and replacing the stagnant "bad air" with each exhaled breath. Slowly repeat these thoughts and processes for around as many breaths as it takes to feel completely full of positivity. Breathing in through the nostrils and out through the mouth or vice versa. As long as deep breathes are initiated and this process is repeated, only then will your body starts relaxing. The whole time thinking of that 3rd eyespot and decreasing all outer thoughts by tracing the Z pattern. Once you are able to think of nothing and breathe regularly without counting. You will have trained your lower limbic how to meditate and be able to go right into deep meditation easier after this conditioning has been initiated and reconditioned to be known as true and effective. Your Subconscious will be able to be programmed faster using this technique also.

Once you have been able to relax and complete the breathing exercises for about 5-10 minutes (as a warm-up) you may begin your Yoga Nidra practice. I wouldn't recommend jumping directly into Yoga Nidra practice without prior meditation for at least 3 minutes. Some may jump right into Yoga Nidra and become relaxed fast while others may not gain as much from jumping into the practice without preparation. Yoga Nidra will make you tired if it's working, do not fall asleep. You must resist the urge to fall asleep when doing Yoga Nidra. The subconscious is awakening once you feel sleepy and this practice is helping the subconscious process pain and joy at a greater rate than we are used to. This allows us to get over pain faster with Yoga Nidra and decipher why things happened so we may learn from the experiences rather than becoming victims/slaves to our emotions.

Yoga Nidra focuses on each appendage. Left hand, fingers toes, etc. Each step bringing us closer to our subconscious awareness and allows us to process on a deeper level. Some Yoga Nidra practitioners are able to go so deep with patients that they can summon the client's inner child bringing pain to the surface and dealing with it without any talking. The way Yoga Nidra interacts with the chakras is unexplainable. I had the most intense experiences with Yoga Nidra as far as processing (hidden) mental pain. I went so deep one time I burst into tears for a good half hour and literally felt like I had washed years of depression and pain away within only a half-hour. Yoga Nidra can work best for those who have a hard time sharing pain and expressing emotion and feeling. This practice allows the soul to purge and heal within a short time. Yoga Nidra practices can help with recovering addicts and helping PTSD patients find the root of their pain. Dealing with it and healing it all in one small ceremony. This practice is offered by our company @ Advanced Bio Essentials. Please reach out to me if you are interested in our 1 on 1 clinical setting Yoga Nidra classes. I highly recommend this for anyone suffering from addiction or serious trauma.

What are Delta Waves?

Delta Waves for Insomnia? So, after Yoga Nidra practice is over and you feel restless, still... Here is another audio (vibratory) practice that will work really well with meditation to assist with falling asleep. This is another Youtube or Spotify search. Just type in Delta Waves and click the ones that look soothing to you. these Delta Waves stimulate lower regions of our brain and sincerely work great if meditation is being initiated at the same time. A sort of auditory stimulation that soothes rather than stimulates based on how we are used to hearing music at a disproportionate rate that our ears are not really accustomed to hearing. 44.1hz is what our music should be at as far as wavelength. Sadly it is at a far lesser rate which disrupts cells rather than creates bonds and stimulating regeneration. The poles within music affect our systems whether we wish to acknowledge it or not. Music can be damaging just as entertainment can become disruptive to the brain by forcing us to watch death and destruction creating even more cortisol production. Fight or flight mode is not the mood to be in 24/7. We as humans have not really recognized how the small influences can affect our daily processions. We are used to the standards and rituals that we have accustomed ourselves to over time, and to satisfy our personal needs over contributing to the greater/common good. Focusing on daily living and self-gain whilst not realizing that these habits and customs are actually damaging to our cells... This explains why heavy rock and roll/ Death metal always has the same sort of dark following and light, softer music like Enya has an entirely different following and vibe. Vibrations are what control our motives which stimulate us to change or stay the same. When we are confusing our bodies with disruptive vibrations it can summon/create many ailments, diseases to form, and insomnia is the start of this downhill road. Addressing insomnia before it becomes a problem is a great goal to strive for in order to avoid terminal illness.

The little things do add up... This means eating habits, television habits, and even when we eat, how much we eat, what we eat all have great determinants on our overall health and wellness. Each choice we make and the influence we allow our subconscious to intake (as true) all affect our overall wellness and health. As to why I always focus on Tibet and how Monks live. We see these beautiful people all acting as one, denying self. Selfless motivations and positive diets, meditation and martial arts (rituals), art as well as Feng Shui all are something that determines wellness based on the energies these elements produce when combined.

OHM RESET! ohhhhhmmmm, ooooohhhhhmmmmmmm... Ohhhhhhmmmmmm, Ohm...

You may have heard this time and time again in stereotypical Tibet monk scenes. The Ohm Reset is an auditory stimulation that is used to reset the system's Chakra's with electrical current via vibratory excretion through the vocal cords and larynyx. Ohm is the word we must all use when feeling blue, anxiety-ridden, unable to concentrate/ disturbed by outside influences. The ohm reset will allow the chakras to become one with self and disassociate from focusing on attachments to the outside world. Our Chakras all vibrating at different frequencies when we are upset or malnourished, confused, depressed, etc. The quickest way to get your Chi, energy, back is to initiate an auditory vibration reset. Ohm, repeated again and again at different tones deeper and higher will reset all energy chakras to their heightened state of purity that they began with. Ohm reset is the best practice one can use immediately to deny negativity and invite positivity to rule over the latter. Becoming a slave to our emotions is something that is easily done nowadays. We are all emotional creatures who are told to "shut it off" if we feel too much... Well, there is a practice that helps lessen emotional experiences when exposed to the elements of fear, frustration, or failure. Yoga Nidra and Meditation along with the utilization of daily Ohm reset will allow the worst insomniac to initiate tranquility through a better night's sleep.

Tai Chi vs Pole Reversal/manipulation

Tai Chi is not for old people it's for all people! This is the best way to slowly change the directions of poles and introduce positivity into your cells and mind. Tai Chi is a practice that has been used for thousands of years to pull energy from the earth's magnetic core and sun/moon. Literally causing the poles of a compass to sway, swivel up to 30 degrees when Tai Chi is practiced and a compass is then introduced. This means positive and negative poles are influenced by our energy (if we are cognitive of our power). This has been a proven fact within Tai Chi practitioners. The little things we do to collect and correct our energy has been shown to us by our ancient Chinese Taoist ancestors. From the beginning, there have been ways to seek enlightenment following a path of selflessness and servitude. Very few choose this path based on the materials of this world. I have a dream, that more will come to serve others while thinking of the children who will rule our very near but distant future. Hopefully, this article will enlighten some who have been experiencing serious insomnia and spirituality loss. Please, reach out to me if anyone needs help with their Yoga Nidra practice, spiritual, or meditation coaching.

Food for thought- Chakra: Corona is the "Crown" Chakra. Don't allow false information to get you down. Do you always... never allow your beliefs to be swayed.

You will know them by the fruits they produce...(Jesus the Christ, Matthew 7:15)

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