Paint it Forward PDX 2021 Sponsor update

Greetings AKS inc affiliates!

We have been blessed with an amazing donation from Fred Meyer (Kroger). We have secured three other sponsorships as well that will be documented on our donor page. Each contribution will come with incentives as we help the needy and underprivileged in SE Portland, OR. Thank You: Jan Shibley $100, BrezzeOR541 $88, Katrina K $160.

Currently, we are cleaning up public walkways along Powell Blvd in SE Portland. Working with with their cleanup events as well. We cleaned all along the eastern waterfront this week, filling many bags of garbage with 20 or so volunteers! I encourage all to check out if you wish to help clean up your town.

Yesterday we were able to help Miss Mary of SE 21st ave move into her long-awaited public housing. This beautiful woman has the biggest heart and greatest outlook on life. After helping her move into her new spot she said to me out the window, "I'm finally home." bringing tears to my eyes as I replied, "God is great!". We will help her finish her move on Sunday.

Since AKS inc has taken to the streets daily (April 2021). We have been able to create friendships along the way. Helping where others turn their heads by being an attentive helper and active listener with an open mind and heart. Ms. Mary was able to utilize our services and we will be following up with her multiple times a month making sure she is comfortable in her new apartment. We made a great friend and Kroger will help this woman as also shall the other donors' funds contribute to her most immediate needs. Her house is basically empty, She needs dishes, towels, essentials for living. Please donate we will arrange pickup. She needs a new bike also as it's her only means of transport. She has no state assistance and is not on Medicaid or SSI. We need $ to help these people get Identification as ID is the biggest setback with moving forward.

Today (6/26/2021) we went out and were able to hand out ice-cold water to the homeless. One thing per day is the least we can do to help our community. I asked Ms. Mary what she thought of our community and she said COVID has really brought out the best in people. She says the majority of her interactions with the public have been positive. I learned a lot from MS. Mary, said the reason she kept hoarding things is because the city would constantly take her things. She apologized time and time again for her mess and realized that most of the things she had gathered would be best left to the dump. Ms. Mary was the best listener and even offered me her last dollars to pay for gas. The waters we passed out today broke up an argument and also helped many realize there are caring people looking out for them. We need more donations to provide these services, please.

These beautiful people are really hurting right now and I hope more people will see what we are doing and offer to help themselves. Hopefully, we will get a better response and donations will be given so we can properly distribute them in SE Portland.

Another reason I learned that some are unable to move on is that there is a family theme that coincides with each camp we visit. The residents at some camps told me they are unable to seek to move on because they are protecting the elderly and don't want them to be alone. We all must really look at these people and understand the world they are living in. We all must establish ourselves amongst like-minded individuals. When I am cleaning up around campsites and am approached with hostility by another camper I know they are protecting others' property. ONe they realize who we are it always calms down but it can be a bit weird at times when we are not able to introduce ourselves properly at empty sites.

We ask them to put together a list of things that they need in order to move on and will keep following up. We need bright Green or orange T-shirts to wear with our logo on it so people know we are peaceful. More water, socks, gift cards, nonperishables are much needed currently. As we get into winter we will need more winter gear.

Please donate to our fundraiser "Pave it forward & Paint it forward PDX 2021". Our volunteers and program need more essentials to help clean up this town. With your donation, you can see exactly where it went and have the testimony that follows. Faces and stories will be provided upon each person and camp we help.

This was Ms. Mary's first selfie she had ever taken. I was honored to be the one who assisted #loveisaslovedoes

Thank you all for donating to your City and fellow citizens in need.

Please send inquiries to

Positivity establishes connectivity, which creates trust and respect. This approach will be the only way to truly help others move forward with their goals in life.

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