Pay it Forward AKS Inc's Graffiti Removal Project

Updated: May 16, 2021

AKS inc has been reaching out to many paint suppliers and home repair specialist (manufacturers/distributors) in hopes we may receive donations for graffiti removal along Highway 26 from 82nd Avenue until the river.

Our team of directors has decided this will be another directional pivot that we will embrace as activists. We hope to neutralize crime by overwriting efforts as soon as they appear. Our dedication towards specifically Highway 26 from 82nd avenue until the Willamette River. All of this area is severely damaged by graffiti and we will spend our time courteously cleaning these areas of concern.

While we work we will reach out to homeless and offer our services as well help them with introductions to LCSW and sober living housing if they wish or need for a change to develop. We will build a rapport and follow up with their requests as best as we can using state services and affiliated nonprofits. Each person we talk to will be documented as well we will set a time to speak with them again. We will give them the proper information and contacts to reach us also.

Other activities for "Pay it Forward" will be yard services for the elderly, visitation for elderly, Neighborhood trash cleanup. Harm reduction coaching, Sharps container distribution and collection as well as needle exchange mobile services.

We will help the needy establish goals for their lives and assist in all ways possible to help them overcome the challenges that most take for granted like food, clothing and common shelter. We are trained to be active listeners as we actively participate in the change we wish to see in this world.

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