$5 is better than no dollars..

Updated: May 16, 2021

We understand times are hard for everyone right now. We also are witness to so many Americans with absolutely nothing to their names needing help in as many ways possible.

Sometimes helping is not what the person feels they know how to properly do. Help is something that puts ourselves out there as vulnerable based on our giving and concerning heart showing weakness to the predator type/opportunists looking for a handout or nice person to manipulate for self gain. We give an inch and they take a mile... Sound familiar? Most give these days with expectations and angles which in turn depletes the good energy that one was supposedly creating. When we deny someone who is asking for help we are choosing to ignore the problem so where can I apply my funds and make a difference you may ask? All of these nonprofits are claiming to help but why don't we see much for results? Supporting someone's habit with our hard earned money is not what some choose to do so, most who are not used to donating will hold back said donations based on biased spending stereotypes and nonprofit wolves in sheep clothing.

We must overcome the stereotypes and look at the soul. These people are self medicating based on the chronic pain they are suffering from mentally and physically. We cannot judge another based on how they are asking for help, we have got to just help them. Thinking about where money is going will always be a concern however and that is why we have established this trust first within community before we ask for donations. WE prove what we do based on our actions. Our reward from helping others far exceeds and financial benefits however we must maintain funds to continue to operate where others turn their heads. We need more street level advocates helping and $5 does help with something.

Our staff is dedicated currently to spending our own dime to help this cause. If we had support of $5 from 500 homes that would exponentially benefit and potentially become catalyst for changing a few hundred lives. We document every dollar donated as to where it will go and to whom. Every donation is pledged on our donor page and given a shout out on our social media platforms as well gifts for membership will be rewarded upon donations over $25.00

All funds will currently go towards paint and paint supplies for graffiti removal currently. If your donation wishes to go directly to essentials like food and clothing please let us know as we will make that happen. We will document your contribution with a picture story and short bio of who and what your funds helped with.

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Matthew 7:15 You will know them by the fruits they produce...

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