Analog Vs Non Analog pain management, is there an option?

What if when you went to the Hospital you were given choices for pain management rather than being forced a prescription of the Doctor's choice? What if there was a tiered medicine chart that showed the side effects and dependency issues? What if we were educated about what we were taking and where it was sourced? Alternatives, ha! currently, this is not an option as (most) everything FDA approved is pseudo-indoxyl. Pseudo means created in a lab. There are many Pseudo's being offered to patients for pain management and anxiety however, these have harsh side effects and are very addictive, not to mention analog (sedative).

What if... when/if we were in pain we were offered an alternative to prescriptions that are most common? As "We The People" demand the healthiest options why are the medical prescribers sworn to protect us not talking about these alternative options. Maybe, its just me being born and raised Oregonian. Those Portlandians, they sure like to know: who, where, why and what when it comes to things I put into my mouth are involved.

If we were given a product that was Organic and had information backing the manufacturing and import processes. Wouldn't that be a breathe of fresh air? Especially if our Dr was the one to offer this and we didn't have to find out this option was available and demand it... Offering us choices and explaining health in greater detail would build trust. Just like insurance agents offer choices, now so should Dr's. Things need to change Mr. Surgeon General. Shouldn't we all be concerned with how and where our products are manufactured? The dependency issues that arise from common pain management options are enough to deter most from even taking them to begin with. Does anyone think about Heavy metals buildup using western meds? Are we worried about side effects when we are prescribed something or just hope for the best? As we watch our friends and relatives become addicted to their prescriptions that their "caring" doctor has overly prescribed. We see cause and effect when it comes to pain management and have begun to ask more questions while taking a huge a step backwards. Sadly mainstream denies all of Kratom and its beneficial properties in the medicinal world. Degrading it by labeling it: "A portion of food."

Most will say that non sedative pain management options A. doesn't exist, B. wouldn't be as effective C. would cost a fortune. All of these are myths. The non analog pain management product DOES exist and its called Mitragynine. Mitragynine is the most readily active ingredient found in the Kratom leaf: Mitragyna Speciosa. Kratom has been used for centuries overseas for over a dozen serious ailments and even more non serious ailments. Pain is why people use Kratom, to relieve the earths gravitational pull that degrades ones cells. Kratom, a non analog example of how we should approach pain management.

What if there were more pain clinics offering Holistic approaches to wellness? What if we went a step farther and demanded these options when we were admitted to an ER room against our will? When will we STOP allowing the 1% to control our health by having the first and final say on how we approach wellness and healing. What would a Tribal Hospital administer to their people? Why are there no Holistic Hospitals for those who don't respond well to Western treatments?

Unfortunately, since Mitragynine is not an FDA approved product we are not going to see many take on the godform duties of administering such a miraculous alternative. From addiction to pain clinic's, there are over a trillion dollars worth of Industry waiting to be gentrified. Kratom can go where no plant or medicine has gone before. Just because the FDA does not approve it does not mean its efficacy is in degraded or non existent. The complete opposite is true actually as Kratom relieves so many ailments, its a nightmare to Big Pharma. Imagine taking only one capsule in replacement of all of the capsules on is put on for most anti inflammatory diseases. Reducing the strain to ones liver and organs exponentially, this is now possible. Most patient's do not know about Kratom however because 99% of licensed Dr's all agree to banish anyone who admits they have used or are benefitting from the use of Kratom.

Kratom is the safest alternative to anything analog and produces the same results as common pain options. This comes with an increase motor control as in the mice study (see: Leaf of Luxury kratom myth Vs Fact). So, not only does Kratom increase abilities 15% it will relieve SEVERE and CHRONIC PAIN without any sedation.

The future of medicine is at our fingertips! Kratom does not cost an arm and leg but good heavy metal free extract can be around .50-1.00 (retail) per 750mg capsule. Most who use Kratom have become fed up with their pain management clinics demanding so much from them, prying the rights of Americans because they are in pain, and denying them the credibility of the healing power of herbs. One cannot smoke THC enrolled in a pain clinic and THC works very well for arthritis. There are many studies proving the efficacy of THC yet the only acceptance medically is the Pseudo they created called Marinol (tried it, it's terrible). The medical field would rather keep the patient coming back (as much as possible) while selling them more and more of their health, degrading it in the meantime. Remember doctors used to prescribe cigarettes to relieve stress in the 40's and 50's... My grandmother was the one who told me that her Dr. prescribed her these... Dr's are lobbied to sell whatever makes them the most money. Thats why they come out with a new drug every year for the same diseases. Telling us its something new when in reality they tweaked a couple molecules and can legally call it new. The end results are its still harmful longterm and will lose its efficacy needing to be supplemented or upped.

If more Doctors lived by the oath that they took and bring themselves back to the purpose of why they entered medicine... They will come to a realization, re-approaching, seeing the light surrounding this God given product called: Mitragynine. These Dr's will (hopefully) help us advocate for a better and healthier tomorrow. (From pain management to addiction treatment.) There are so many classifications of ailments that are relieved from Kratom use (even Diabetes) that Big Pharma will do everything in its power to overthrow this force.

What can you do to help others while helping yourself and bodily system? Well, open your stomach, mind, and heart to the possibility. Kratom has descended during the darkest times regarding the evolving opioid crises. It's been gifted, now Kratom shall be utilized for the greater good. To disintegrate the ways that weren't/aren't working and substitute the dark for a more positive light source for healing and wellness.

The solution rests in the eye of the beholders:

Lab grade products are available in Bulk to be used in clinical trials by our company. We have a generous supply that can keep up with the most demanding clinic. (Directors pls note: margins for Kratom profit are just as profitable as with any pharmaceutical.) Not only will we (together) help reduce pollution to the medical fields credibility but we will save millions of people from becoming dependent on opioids in the future with these programs and protocols we have drafted using Kratom Products that are formulated at the highest bio availability using: 100% heavy metal free, 90%+ potency, water soluble, *full spectrum mitragynine alkaloids (*full spectrum; There are 7 active alkaloids identified within Kratom leaf).

As we utilize all of the plant we MUST also utilize all of what Nature intended for us as tools to use to better ourselves. Without more people demanding that (safe and accepted/tested) Kratom can (and should) be a source of redemption, until then, we have only what we are used to. That which has proven itself time and time again to not be as effective as planned. (Google: THE WAR ON DRUGS, did it work?)

Kratom is now where Cannabis was in the 1930's, Killer Kratom. That is the beginning of how the 1%er's procure new ideation to demonize working remedies, remedies that have a proven track record and are in high demand. Kratom is the only product I now go to when I have sever pain. It works better than Advil and is less harmful on my system. This is my own personal opinion. I have 2 slipped discs and 2 torn knees, I have only taken Kratom when absolutely necessary. I NEVER USE KRATOM EVERY DAY, and never more than 2 days in a row (if absolutely necessary 3 at maximum!) When Kratom is used correctly it allows me to move and work when normally I could not get out of the bed. Kratom is used for SEVERE pain and it works better than opiates, causes no sedation and will have the user feeling happier about life rather than depressed from the depressants they are fed. If you use Advil or Ibuprofen try using Kratom once. Kratom sourced from is far lower in Heavy metals and they also have Heavy metal free options. No other company offers this and can prove it with certificates of analysis (COA's).

Whats it going to take? To get us to the next platform and integrate Mitragynine into the mainstream medical? There is such thing as Holistic pain management using alternatives to opioids. Not many have access to these types of clinics. Most don't even know about alternatives to their pain. Keeping patients (and clients) in the dark is something big business and the medical field has strived ever hard to continue doing. What we need is a demand...

Then, we need a Leader who can help us pave it forward. Product availability is not an option for us. We are set with supply. We need to create more programs that utilize Mitragynine and all of it's spectrums.

Let's work together! We can (publicly or silently) supply the 90% pharmaceutical grade extract for a clinical trial. What we need is someone with a pharmacology research and development background. (The Edward Snowden of Pfizer please stand up!) We need leadership to help us match the wall of political red tape. We CAN and MUST tackle this obstacle together using the most professional approach and speaking only facts. Kissing babies and shaking hands while we apply our products to as many trials and in-house locations as we can. We have the products if any company wishes to take the challenge and compare opioids or anti anxiety medicines to any our formulations. I guarantee our Mitragynine absorption and effects will be preferred over opioids as in the mice study (see: Leaf of Luxury Kratom Myth Vs. Fact.)

If anyone reading this would like more information about Kratom and its Myth Vs Fact, Please reach out to me We need more leadership and silent representation to move forward. We have the business proposal already drafted. We know this product like we know the stars. Let's setup trials and all grab a piece of this multi trillion dollar industry together. Thank you for your time.

Here is a link to the book: Leaf of Luxury kratom Myth Vs Fact.

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