American Kratom Services Inc Mission Statement

Most people look at our website and ask what it is exactly that we do. Well, We are certified Recovery Mentors/ Certified Peer Mentors who use Holistic methods for addiction treatment, detox, and maintenance using plant-based supplements and mindfulness protocols.

AKS inc will now be called "Our Health Matters"

Our Clinic AKS inc. will (also) be doing business as the assumed name: O.H.M., an acronym for: "Our Health Matters." We made this change because of the bias surrounding this miraculous herb. We do not talk publicly about Kratom use (usually). Our clinic will provide therapy and lab grade (lab-tested, mother-approved) supplements (Mitragynine) to help treat those who are struggling with pain management, addiction, depression, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, MS, Bipolar disorder, and so much more...

AKS Inc. (OHM) has drafted an amazing program utilizing new-age products and (proven) working protocols that replicate common treatment centers' standard operating procedures with a holistic approach instead of using harmfully addictive chemicals like Methadone and Suboxone. We provide experienced Therapists who are trained herbalists, hands-on Reikki healers and AKS inc (OHM) will employ 1 or more CADC 1 and 2, 1 naturopath, and eventually a Psilocybin Doctor. All therapists will be CRM/CPS certified at least.

Our Mission:

Our clinic will cater to those wishing to seek treatment for their addiction and pain management. Each client is given a risk analysis upon intake assessment. Also, they are given a counselor who helps them with support and this therapist will help draft a written treatment plan plotting while documenting the client's success while setting long and short-term goals. We offer vocational training as well as many mindfulness groups for managing anxiety, anger, and addiction. We focus on teaching harm reduction while referring out to state services like CODA and Hooper detox (if the client is too much of a risk for our program). This clinic will be client-based therapy with optional groups and mandatory UA's. All graduated members of AKS inc (OHM) will be given the ability to teach a class of their choice regarding addiction or holistic health. AKS inc (OHM) will be Alumni supported and run (eventually).

We focus on using 90%+ lab grade (heavy Metal-Free) Mitragynine (Kratom) as our main plant-based supplement for helping people detox and manage their addiction/ pain. Abstinence is the great aim we have in view for our clients at AKS inc. We try to have everyone set 3 goals during intake. weekly and daily check-ins as well as the mandatory one-on-one council. This program will be a more relaxed treatment center that caters to more than just addiction and pain. We use only approved legal herbs for our program. Each person has an individual dose potency as well as adjustments during their treatment.

Our target audience is mostly Addicts and Chronic pain sufferers. We will have open doors to all with a sliding scale payment plan (eventually soon we will accept OHP insurance).

We are the first Holistic Treatment center in Oregon that uses Mitragynine as a supplement for relief of symptoms of detox as well as utilizing the same elements for mental health maintenance and pain management. Our clinic is what the future of recovery and pain medicine should look like. Our motto is A Catalyst for change, leading by example. Onward and upward!

If you or a loved one does not wish to become addicted to more harmful chemicals like Methadone and suboxone but wishes to stop drinking, or doing opioids. Please send them our information and be on the lookout for AAKS inc (OHM) people in the streets helping the homeless. We wish to help anyone that shows the effort for change. We are accepting applications for volunteers now as we have time and space/ supply for intaking 50-75 clients currently. Be the first to share your story with others! Dosing is as little as $4 per dose! We are offering the highest quality heavy metal-free Kratom and kratom powder the cheapest in town and the Industry. No company can remove heavy metals like ours (in bulk especially) from Kratom and offer it at such a discount to the public. We cater to not just members/clients but to the entire public. Come save some money on your products today and help a great cause! 100% of proceeds go to the nonprofit services, expansion, and promotion.

Remember... Kratom does not cause sedation/respiratory failure, unlike opioids can. Here is a link to a short video explaining what Kratom is and does.

Kratom has been used for centuries originating in India. Here is a link to an ancient kratom article as well.

We will help with record expungements as well as referrals to housing and alternative care centers if the client just speaks up and asks for help. Everyone is welcome in our environment as long as they show our staff respect and follow the basic rules. This clinic will eventually be like a YMCA-style environment with a gym, pool, sauna, steam room, etc. We wish in the meantime to give each worthy candidate a free gym membership the entire time they are a member.

Anyone interested in learning more about our program and its prerequisites please reach out to Thank you

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