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& Pave it Forward 2021

American Kratom Services Inc.

A Catalyst for Change, Leading by Example…

Greetings Neighbors!

We are a new 501c3 in Portland, Oregon called AKS Inc.

We are currently organizing a community fundraiser that will be held in PDX cleaning up trash, graffiti and distributing Sharps containers as well as using our company truck for continuous dump runs this September 21, 2021. We will be talking with the underprivileged while helping homeless/addicts with referrals handing out donated essentials. We will help them (as best as they allow us to) focus on how establishing goals to a better of living utilizing state assistance.

We have support from Oregon senate, community leaders, Nonprofits, and anonymous medical providers who believe in us.

We are Certified Peer Specialists/Certified Recovery Mentors (Oregon Health Authority @MHACBO). We help where others have given up, or turn their heads entirely. Choosing to become the change we wish to see, leading by example in hopes others may support and follow. We must remind ourselves that all humans are unique and most important, equal. and that mental illness leads to homelessness and addiction.

Currently: Our Nonprofit caters to the Homeless and addicts directly in SE Portland. Our Street team cleans up needles and garbage in the pathways every day along SE Powell Blvd public access pathways. We help with outside referrals to Lasko Refuge (Sober Living in SE Portland) as well as refer to LCSW’s @ Central City Concern, Hooper Detox, CODA and Allied.

We have helped lots of people gain housing by living in our garage and have cleaned up many needles/garbage while distributing SHARPS disposal containers. Talking and smiling while doing so building rapport with each camp we touch.

We would appreciate it if you or your company could help in any way please by donating anything in stock that is in excess especially goods or gift vouchers for services, essentials (packaged food items or socks, clean winter clothing etc.). Donations may be anything in abundance that you or your company may have that offers help to others. We will make sure the right person receives it. We will even pick it up.

All donations will be documented on our website and the donor will receive promotion on our website/Social media as well as on our print materials and live feed shout-outs. Print materials will be published in the Newspaper and we will be going door to door with personalized introductions, (politely) hanging fliers everywhere we can and posting (politely) in public forums to introduce our services to the public. We are here to talk to the Homeless when your company or family has had enough. We will keep the neighborly bond while helping them with their goal setting.

Donations come with a reward! We will dedicate time to focus on your business/ area of concern while showing results on paper for all services rendered. Sustaining members will receive unlimited services and become active directors. 1-time donors will receive contracted services and not be eligible for membership. Incentives are given to all donors. We allow the donor to choose where our services and donations shall be focused based on contribution size.

Tri Athlon- September 3-6th 2021

We are asking for a “Run for the arts” style donation request of a $ per mile or flat donation (88 miles to Hood River). Donations go towards funding supplies for our graffiti removal/cleanup “Paint it Forward” fundraiser week of Sept 21, 2021. “Paint it Forward” will coincide directly after the Tri Athlon. We will clean up from 50th and Powell all the way to the Riverfront on the East side. Sunup until sundown 10/21/21

Anything your company can donate will be documented and your target area will be serviced by our street team and cleaned up regularly (after the fundraiser and before).  Please make a pledge by sending us an email. We will pick up pledges following business day.

Sustaining Donors will become active AKS Inc. members allowed to vote on operation decisions and receive the biggest presence for our marketing posts.

Positivity establishes connectivity, which creates trust and respect. This approach will be the only way to truly help others move forward with their goals in life.

AKS Inc. is LGBTQ affiliates that focus on holistic healing while teaching harm reduction. We are here to serve and humbly use our expertise where it is needed most (on a street level!). We approach, we assess, and we truly help with referrals, energy building, and site cleanup. With your companies help we can build our nonprofit and cater to serve many more who desperately need us in SE/N/NE Portland, OR.

I hope this letter reaches my neighbors and local businesses in due time and in a respectful manner.

In fellowship,

Joshua Paul Arnold (Executive Director)

971.808.7091 email:



 Mt. Tabor Park- Hood River, OR

Our Rider will bike cross country on a road bike from Portland Mt. Tabor Park to Hood River, OR. Total of 77 miles. Fundraising for our neighborhood cleanup "Paint it Forward PDX 2021".



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